Driving Vacations

minis at The View

Bring your horse with you on vacation! Spend some quality time with your equine, without missing out on your own R&R. Drive through spectacular scenery, practice new moves in the indoor ring, then head off to a cozy inn for some gourmet dining and maybe a hot tub, knowing that your horse is in good hands. Land’s End Farm provides turnout with run-ins, and/or stalls if desired. We can feed and clean for you, so you can maximize your fun time.

Fees and Services

Private Lessons: $65
A one-hour lesson tailored to your needs and level(s) of experience. From beginners’ basics to advanced dressage and hazards driving, Sue will improve your skills and make it fun, too.

Group Lessons: $45 per person
Group rate is available for 4 or more persons sharing a lesson time. This is a great way to practice for shows, and learn from observing others.

Driving Vacation: $85 per day
Includes a stall, one bag of shavings, and a guided drive or lesson with Sue. (Bring your own grain and hay.) If you want to head out on your own (no lesson or guided drive, but we’ll give you a map!) the price is $50 per day.